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An Amateur's Guide to Party Planning: Wedding Catering

With all the glitz and excitement occurring in a wedding, it is impossible for guests to remember everything long after they have gone back to their homes. There is however one thing that most never forget, the food. The catering experience is a central part of the wedding that you cannot afford to get wrong. To ensure that it goes well, here are some essential tips: 

1. Decide on Style 

The first step is to decide what style you want to go with. This will depend a lot on what overall theme you have chosen for the wedding. If the wedding had a formal theme in an indoor area, a formal dining style will work best. For beach weddings with a party feel, a more informal and relaxed catering style is ideal. A good example of this is a wedding buffet food in Auckland.

It is important that the wedding and catering have the same style for seamless transition and easier planning. Otherwise, your guests may feel out of place in a situation they did not expect.

2. Plan Early 

This one goes without saying. Planning early saves you potential last minute disasters. Decide on the food and drinks at least three months before the main day. This is also the time to start looking for a catering company. Take time to research and compare among best providers of wedding catering in Auckland to find one that is perfect for your wedding reception. 

3. The Budget

Do you need a professional caterer? Are you having an open bar? How many guests are you expecting? All these are questions that need to be factored in when creating the budget. Make sure that you financially plan for any unexpected developments.

4. Adequate Staff

There is nothing worse than having some of your guests left unattended because of inadequate staff. Making sure that there are enough people to cater to all the guests is extremely important. Generally, it is recommended that you have one server for every 30-40 guests. It is also advisable to have two or three support staff to pitch in when things get extra busy. 

5. Choose a Great Venue 

Lastly, choose a venue that corresponds to the wedding theme and style. Most companies offering wedding catering Auckland also offer a selection of great wedding venues. You can go with a serene dining experience on a boat or an old-fashioned dinner in a manor house. You may also choose your own venue. The most important thing is to ensure that it is comfortable, large enough for your guests and in line with your wedding style. 

Planning a perfect wedding reception is not easy. Catering can get difficult, time consuming and expensive. The best way to ensure that it goes on smoothly is to hire a professional catering company.

In Auckland, Lets Eat Catering, is the obvious choice for anyone who wants an amazing catering service. As one of the leading wedding caterers Auckland, you are assured of a unique and friendly service with first class food. To get in touch with them and learn more about their catering services, visit their website at www.letseat.co.nz.

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